Slieve League Elopement Guide

Updated 2024

Would you like to have a Slieve League elopement? Or to hike to the top of the spectacular cliffs to get epic engagement photos at one man’s pass? As a Donegal elopement photographer, I hike to Slieve League every month of the year and love to explore all the hidden gems in the area.

This Slieve League elopement guide will share my tips for visiting this iconic area of natural beauty in Ireland.

So you’ve seen some of the amazing photos of Slieve League, and you’re here to see if you could elope at Slieve League or have your engagement photos or proposal there.

I have hiked Slieve League more times than I can count over my life. It is one of my favourite places and I love bringing couples here for photos because the stunning views really are the best around!

Ready to learn everything there is to know about Slieve League elopement, wedding and engagement photos?

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Why you need to visit Slieve League

The impressive Slieve League Cliffs are almost 2,000 feet at their highest point, three times higher than the famous Cliffs of Moher at 509 feet. This makes Slieve League some of Europe’s highest sea cliffs.

The views of Donegal Bay and its rugged mountains are magnificent and wild from the top of Slieve League. Hikers can see all the way over to County Sligo’s Mighty Ben Bulben on a clear day.  

Top tip! Book a boat trip from nearby Teelin Harbour to the base of the cliffs for epic views from another angle.

Can we elope at Slieve League?

Slieve League is a stunning location to elope and take your wedding photos. As your local Donegal elopement photographer, I will help you take care of permissions and make the necessary arrangements.

Can we take our wedding photos at Slieve League?

Yes, Slieve League is a beautiful location to take photos of Donegal weddings. As your local Donegal photographer, I will help you take care of permissions and make the necessary arrangements.

How long is the Slieve League hike?

There are a few different options for hiking Slieve League.

The views at Bunglass can be reached easily in a 20-minute walk from the car park, whereas hiking up to One Man’s Pass can take 90 minutes. The longer 4 -5 hour hike includes Teelin Pier and the Pilgrims Path.

Where is Slieve League and how do you get there?

The huge cliffs of Slieve League are located in Glencolumcille, County Donegal in the North-West corner of Ireland. It is easiest to travel there by car. Parking is available at the bottom of the cliffs. You must pass through a gate and continue by foot up the hill. Remember to close the gate! Like much of rural Ireland, Slieve League is home to sheep, you will pass by many of them on your visit.  

What is the best time of day to take photos at Slieve League?

Both sunrise and sunset are beautiful times of day to take photos at Slieve League.

During the day in Summertime, especially at weekends, there will be a lot more people visiting, hiking and taking photos at Slieve League. Although, the higher you climb and further you hike, the quieter you will find the route. The majority of people choose the shortest walk from the car park to Bunglass viewpoint.

Please be courteous to other visitors.

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