Ireland adventure elopement

Is Ireland a good adventure elopement destination?

Ireland is a dream adventure elopement destination for many couples. The epic scenery creates jaw-dropping reactions from visitors. Rugged coastlines, green rolling hills, ancient castles with mountain views. It even has some white sand beaches and occasional blue skies.

However, an adventure elopement in Ireland is not for the faint-hearted. It can get cold, it can get wet but my goodness, it is beautiful.

As a local Irish elopement photographer, I love helping adventurous couples plan everything needed to have the best Ireland elopement experience.

Is Ireland a popular hiking destination?

In 2021 Ireland was named the number 1 hiking destination in Europe as a result of a study conducted by the All Trails app.

The following year, it was ranked at number 14 in the worlds best hiking holiday destinations in a study conducted by

Over 12 months, the study collected Google Search Data for the terms ‘walking + country’ and ‘walking holidays + country’. They combined this data with the number of Instagram hashtags for #hikecountry to give each country its own score.

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Check out my Elope to Ireland guide in ten easy steps.

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  1. christina says:

    everything about these pictures are flawless – i cannot wait to go to ireland in august

  2. I have always wanted to go to Ireland, it sounds so incredible, however now it just bumped up on my bucket list! thank you so much for sharing these and making me want to travel tomorrow LOL

  3. Wow this elopement is sooo magical!! Ireland looks like an amazing place to visit!!

  4. Ireland is definitely a dream destination and looks like the perfect place for an adventure elopement. Photos are beautiful!

  5. Wow! What a dreamy location for an elopement! These images are giving me all the feels; I dig the colors and moody editing! Ireland is on my bucket list!

  6. what dreamy photos you have taken! I studied abroad in Ireland and absolutely love the countryside. SO GORGEOUS for any elopement!!

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