How to elope to a castle in Ireland

Would you elope to a castle in Ireland ?

Ireland is known for its picturesque landscapes and charming castles, choosing to elope to a castle in Ireland, can be a wonderfully romantic experience for you!

Here’s a general guide on things to consider when planning to elope at a castle in Ireland:

1.     Choose a Castle: Ireland is home to many beautiful castles that are available for weddings and elopements. From Ancient ruins and round towers to castle hotels like this stunning five-star Lough Eske Castle. I can help you find a castle that suits your preferences, budget, and guest count.

Check out more photos from this beautiful elopement here.

2.     Legal Requirements: Before you elope, make sure you understand the legal requirements for getting married in Ireland. Both parties need to give at least three months’ notice to a Registrar of Civil Marriages, and you may need to provide certain documents like birth certificates, passports, and divorce/death certificates if applicable. Alternatively, you can do the legal paperwork at home and have a symbolic ceremony in Ireland. 

3. Plan the Ceremony: Decide whether you want a civil ceremony, a religious one or a symbolic ceremony. Some castles offer on-site chapels. I can also help you arrange an an officiant.

4.     Accommodation: Many castle venues offer accommodations on-site. After communicating your elopement plans with them, book rooms for you and your guests, well in advance. This can make the experience even more immersive and convenient.

5.     The Landscape: Ireland’s landscapes are stunning, so consider the type of landscape you would like to have portrait photos taken and this can narrow down the castle you can choose. Whether you want wild sea cliffs, green fields, mountains or the rocky Burren, there are plenty of options.

6.     Transportation: Renting a car is a great idea to explore the countryside and nearby sites but private drivers are also available to hire for your day.

10.  Post-Ceremony Celebration: After the ceremony, you might want to enjoy a meal or toast to your new life together. The castle’s staff can help you arrange a reception, whether it’s an intimate dinner or a larger celebration.

13.  Enjoy the Moment: Most importantly, take the time to savor the moment. Eloping in a castle in Ireland is a unique and magical experience, so soak in the beauty of the surroundings and the significance of the occasion.

Along with all the variations of castles, Ireland is home to many Abbey, Friaries and other types of Ancient ruins that are also great places to visit.

Be sure to get in touch and we can talk about creating the best elopement experience for you!

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