Magical Fairytale Castle Elopement Ireland

Updated 22 January 2023

Samantha and Nathan wanted to find a romantic castle ruin on the coast of Ireland. I was delighted to provide them with a great option which we had all to ourselves along with the most perfect sunset. It was a truly magical day.

“Shauna messaged me back and forth with different ideas to match my vision, and she found the most perfect location! Off the beaten path, we had a whole castle (perfectly nestled in the countryside right by the coast) to ourselves. The sun was setting in the background, and sheep were peacefully grazing in the pastures surrounding us. My words can’t even describe how amazing the experience was—it was just like a fairytale. Shauna simply captured us being ourselves while we explored and lived in the moment. THEN we got the pictures sent to us…and just WOW. They speak for themselves.”

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